Q: What is TSTMRKT?

Test Market is a performance art stunt that incorporates time coding, cheap theatrics, audio collage, and film cut-ups to create imaginative vignettes. Each performance is different and is constructed without regard of audience reaction.

A soundtrack creating sets and props and atmosphere is recorded in "real time" and played back during a live performance in which the actors and audience are forced into an incredibly painful framing device. A single syllable in error can cause the entire show to fall apart. To add to the difficulty, a triptych of motion pictures serves as the companion to the audio track which was recorded independently. Everything is automated except for the actors. It's a tightrope taunting both hope and schadenfruede.

Q: Why?

A: In order for anything to be considered "art" the elements of Content, Rendering, Ambition, and Presentation must exist. Without these elements, theater becomes nothing more than hobby.

Q: Who the hell do you think you are?

A: Not quite sure. Still trying to figure that out.

Q: What's with the cast?

A: The members of TSTMRKT change depending on availability and the whims of the director...but mostly availability.

Q: Why are you touring?

A: We like to travel and meet new people.

Q: Does your mother play golf?

A: No.

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